Our eBook 3-PAK on sale!

Our ebook 3-PAK is on sale for just $7.99 ($2.00 off the regular price of $9.99)! You can pick it up here: You will get three PDF files that are DRM free (meaning that…

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Pluralia tantum

In Italian, there are a group of nouns called “pluralia tantum,” a Latin term that means “nomi solamenti plurali” or “nouns that are only plural” — the list below contains some popular nouns that are only…

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Understanding verbs: dare

The verb dare means to give. It is an irregular verb in the present tense and is used in a variety of idiomatic expressions. Dare can be seen below in the present tense:         Dare…

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The Indirect Object in Italian (II)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Italian equivalent to English’s indirect object. Remember, we learned that the Italian equivalent to English’s indirect object is almost always complemento di termine*: Ho regalato quel libro a Michele….

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Il perfetto congiuntivo! Our newest book!

Our latest book, Il perfetto congiuntivo: Everything You Need To Know About the Italian Subjunctive, is now available electronically in the iBook Store, Google Play, Scribd, and as a print replica for the Kindle Fire and Kindle…