#004: “Taking Pictures” in Italian / Fare foto in italiano

This post will help learners of Italian to learn and understand the differences in how to say “to take pictures” in Italian, such as with a camera. This is an important lesson that might seem simple and obvious to many, but it is important to remember that when learning a language that we can’t simply rely on “word for word” translation. Thinking “like an Italian” is the best way to understand the language and to conquer some common errors.

fare una foto | to take a picture

Quando vado a Roma, voglio fare tante foto perché la mia nonna italiana possa vedere la bella città.

When I go to Rome, I want to take many pictures so that my Italian grandmother can see the beautiful city.

scattare una foto | to take/to snap a picture/photo

Alonso ha scattato una foto del delitto la quale la polizia ha usato per catturare il sospetto.

Alonso snapped a photo of the crime which the police used to capture the suspect.

prendere la foto | to take a picture (from somplace)

Marcia ha preso la foto dal cassetto e l’ha portata all’università per scannerizzarla per il suo blog.

Marcia took the photo from the drawer and brought it to the university to scan it for her blog.