Our eBook

Parola del Giorno is now a publisher of ebooks on the Italian language! Check out our first endeavour, Il vero italiano: your guide to speaking “real” Italian. This 221 page guide explores the various parts of speech in Italian followed by words and phrases associated with that part of speech. The book is a compendium of all of the Italian that I have learned during my immersion here in Rome for the last two years.


You can purchase our book from the following sites:

iBook Store ($5.99) for Mac and iPad

Google Play ($5.99) if you want to download the pdf (without DRM until September 15th!), read the book in Google Books on your browser, on any tablet/phone with the Google Play app installed (also iPhones and iPads)

Selz.com if you want to purchase a non-DRM copy of our pdf for $9.99!

Amazon.com for Kindle is coming soon!

B&N.com for Nook is coming soon!

Shortly, you will be able to purchase a paperback copy from lulu.com and possibly other online retailers (such as Amazon and B&N)