Our latest paperback!

Ciao a tutti!

I last updated the blog in August! I’m getting ready to graduate and finish my MA in Political Science, so I have been inundated with exams and applications for PhD programs. My time has been limited, but I haven’t forgotten about the site.

I wanted to update everyone. I receive a lot of emails each week asking about the site and when it will resume. My goal is to resume weekly updates starting in 2015 once I graduate. I will have a lot of free time on my hands. I also have some competent and capable assistance now, and these individuals will help me to update and improve the blog.

In August we published our first ebook for the iPad and Mac, “Il vero italiano: Your Guide To Speaking “Real” Italian. This version is the most interactive and has audio recordings embedded into the text so you can hear the words and phrases profiled in the book pronounced.

That soon followed with other platforms, such as the Kindle, Google Play (DRM free) as well as via Scribd (as a downloadable PDF, DRM free) and our online storefront at Selz.com (PDF, DRM free).

Initially, we did not envision having a paperback version of the book, but, in the end, we changed our minds after a ton of emails were received asking that a print version be made available for purchase. It was difficult to make realize, but it worked out for the best! You can now purchase print versions of our book from Lulu ($8.99 + shipping), Amazon, Barnes and Noble and perhaps other online stores in the near future (the prices for Amazon, B&N, and other sites fluctuates depending on supply and demand, but so far the prices have ranged from $11-14).

‘Il vero italiano’ is a compilation of many of the old blog posts that were lost several years ago. Co-written with my friend, Francesco, we worked hard to communicate many aspects of Italian grammar that I learned through my immersion experience living here since 2012. Judging by the feedback, the book is turning out to a good success.

In a few weeks, we’ll be releasing Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makes Perfect. This book is an exercise guide to accompany book 1. It will have answers as well as some additional grammar that was not covered in the first book — such as the differences between the imperfect and passato prossimo, the use of ci and ne, using prepositions and many other grammar tidbits. The exercises are designed to help you think about the grammar so that you not only apply it to the exercises but can also learn to use it in your day to day speaking, too.

Before the end of 2015, we will release il vero italiano 3: Perfect Pronunciation. One of my friends here is a trained actor and is an expert in Italian pronunciation and diction. We have written a short guide to help you learn when to open and close your vowels and other tricky aspects of Italian grammar. It will be released first for the iPad and Mac and then subsequently as a PDF with an accompanying link so you can download the sound files to your computer and practice your pronunciation.