Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makes Perfect

Ciao a tutti!

Our second book, Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makes Perfect, is a companion to our first book, Il vero italiano: Your Guide To Speaking “Real” Italian. It is a collection of exercises, some grammar lessons and appendices to help you practice much of the grammar learned in the first book.

Right now it is available only as an ebook from Google PlayiBook Store, and our storefront on Selz (you can also get our Holiday PAK: both books for just $6.99 until early 2015) while we continue to read and proof our work. If we find problems and errors, we can quickly update our electronic versions. The print version will hopefully be available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers in the near future.

Early next year we’ll feature more giveaways on Goodreads as well as through our site. There are some exciting new posts coming in 2015. Please stay tuned while we rebuild ILGUR! Thanks so much for your following and patience!