Double Plurals

Ciao a tutti! Today we are going to talk about double plurals in Italian. These are nouns that have two plural forms. Generally, the masculine plural indicates an abstract or subjective meaning, while the feminine form of the plural is the more objective or concrete meaning. Note, however, that this is not a hard and fast rule.

il braccio arm
i bracci branches, offshoots
le braccia arms (anatomy)

il cervello brain
i cervelli brains (as in the expression: la fuga dei cervelli brain drain)
le cervella brains (the gray matter)

il fuso spindle
i fusi spindles
le fusa purring (fare le fusato purr)

l’osso bone 
gli ossi bones (of butchered animals)
le ossa bones (of the human skeleton)

il labbro brim, lip
i labbri brims
le labbra lips

l’urlo scream, howl
i urli howls (of an animal)
le urla screams (of a person)

It is important to use the correct plural, especially when talking about parts of the body (le braccia)!