Il perfetto congiuntivo! Our newest book!


Our latest book!

Our latest book, Il perfetto congiuntivo: Everything You Need To Know About the Italian Subjunctive, is now available electronically in the iBook Store, Google Play, Scribd, and as a print replica for the Kindle Fire and Kindle apps (for your tablet, iPad, PC/Mac, etc.) on Amazon!*

Our print edition should be ready in a week or so!

We are really proud of the research and time we put into the book. The book features five chapters:

– Chapter 1 is an introduction that explains what the subjunctive mood is.

– Chapter 2 goes over conjugating the four tenses of the subjunctive as well as highlighting some irregular verbs, avere, and essere.

– Chapter 3 is a short chapter that explores some grammar terms to help you understand the rules on using the subjunctive in Chapter 4

– Chapter 4 is the longest chapter and goes over using the subjunctive in independent clauses, what verbs and phrases require the subjunctive, when not to use it, and more!

– Chapter 5 looks at the agreement of tenses in both the indicative and subjunctive.

– Chapter 6 is a short conclusion.

* Our current ebook for the Kindle is a print replica. This looks exactly like the print version. Unfortunately, it is only available on the Kindle Fire and using the Kindle app on your tablet/device or on your Mac/PC. We are currently working on the mobi version of the book and it should be ready in a few weeks!