Intermediate Lessons

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Pluralia tantum

In Italian, there are a group of nouns called “pluralia tantum,” a Latin term that means “nomi solamenti plurali” or “nouns that are only plural” — the list below contains some popular nouns that are only…

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The Indirect Object in Italian (I)

Pronouns can be difficult to master in Italian, especially those pronouns that function as direct and indirect objects. This short post will start our regular updates for 2015! I thought that it would be good…

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#009: The pronoun, ne

The pronoun ne can be confusing to English speakers, but it is not difficult to understand once you know how it works. After learning these rules, try to work it into your Italian. Practice using it in…

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#008: Passive / Passivo

The passive voice (la forma passiva) is a construction in which the direct object becomes the subject and the subject becomes the agent. The passive voice is used with transitive verbs (that is, verbs that…