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Choose various band t-shirt/ band tees from ambient music genre such as Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, etc. Buy ambient music t-shirt.

Ambient music subgenres : ambient techno, dark ambient, ambient dub, ambient house, etc. Ambient music encompasses the ability to make accomplished musical compositions in the large number of genres, that do not require composing music. This has led to ample adoption in the already-existing musical genres, due to its compatibility with several trends and elements. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish ambient soundscapes from other music genres, such as electronic music. For example, minimalist music often overlaps sonically with ambient, and new age music often overlaps sonically with ambient. Many ambient musicians use synthesizers in conjunction with acoustic instruments and sounds from nature to render soundscapes. At the end of the 1970s, synthesizers became available to the general public on the retail market. This innovation sparked off a young generation of ambient or semi-ambient music artists who did not come from a classical music background. Kraftwerk triggered the Krautrock scene in Germany and other ambient band such as Popol vuh and Tangerine Dream.