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Groove metal is a genre derived from Thrash metal, it just has a lower tempo, but has a characteristic is Riff playing with a low tone but more melodic than Thrash metal and distortion the guitar is higher than the drum sound. Growl, mid-scream to High-scream are often used in songs, that is why the vocalists of the Groove metal band are such great screamers, the lyrics themselves often create about disaster, outrage, and mass revolution. Groove metal music develop in the 90s, which was the same as the Metalcore era, this subgenre was pioneered, among others, by Pantera, Lamb of God, Sepultura and Machine head. Groove metal is one of the easiest music genres to enjoy especially metalheads even though the music is rough, but the music in Groove metal is so cool that a lot of people claims that Groove metal is the metal version of the Funk genre.