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No wave was often characterized by a rejection of the recycling of classic rock aesthetics, such as blues rock styles, even though it is not a musical subgenre with distinct elements. No wave was a witty reference to the opposition to popular new wave music. No wave performers experimented with noise, dissonance, and atonality in addition to non-rock genres including free jazz and disco while frequently reflecting an aggressive, combative, and nihilistic outlook as a response to punk rock’s recycling of rock and roll clichés. Alan Vega and Martin Rev founded the New York City band Suicide in 1970, and Marc Masters of Pitchfork has called them “the largest impact on no-wave.” As early pioneers of the aesthetic, philosophy, and sound of no wave, Jack Ruby were a New York City band that formed in 1973. They had a significant influence on Sonic Youth and Thurston Moore.