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I may try to call it a type of music that has a ‘difficult’ and complex structure, the rhythm and rhythm of which jumps up and down. The lyrics are strange, exotic or esoteric or influenced by literary works. Most are dominated by guitar roars with feedback effects or the use of wah-wah pedals. Also many use keyboard instruments (organ, mellotron or hapsichord) to create a surreal effect. Another feature is the solo instrument demonstration which is often thoroughly explored.


This type of music is very close to rock or blues. Although it is still played by many musicians to this day, this music reached its heyday around 1966 to the 1975s. After that the group that originally played it turned more progressive, aka more 'easier' to digest. Genesis and Pink Floyd for example. This type of music is also very close to the use of addictive and psychotropic substances, either by the musicians or by music lovers. The lyrics are dark and absurd which can only be created when the creator is high. Listen to Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin), Dead Flower or Sister Morphine (Rolling Stones), or Janis Joplin's whimper in a Mercedes Benz song. It is strange to call this psychedelic music without mentioning the Jefferson Airplane group from America. They are often referred to as the pioneers of this type of music. The vocalist, Grace Slick, is known not only for her vocals as an anti-Vietnam War activist, but also for her drunken behavior on stage. It's also very inappropriate not to mention the Grateful Dead group and their chubby dedengkot, Jerry Garcia.