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Buy Skinhead Oi! Bands Tees / Shirt.
Skinhead Cult actually has a variety of tastes in music matters, ranging from ska music, reggae, rocksteady, punkrock, to hardcore. But it seems that the most synonymous with the Skinheads is the genre of music they call Oi!
Music Oi! almost similar to punk music which has a fast tempo and is embedded with rough electric guitar distortions, but there are still beats of ska and reggae music. Lyrics of the music Oi! most describe anti-racist, anti-fascist movements, life on the streets, protests against the government, football, beer, and others. Oi songs! played and performed at every gig (as music concerts are called) in British city pubs. Music Oi! not the only favorite. Skinheads, especially in America, prefer hardcore music.


The meaning of Skinhead itself is a bald head, where this sub-culture developed rapidly in the plains of England in the 1960s. The first time we have to learn from the Mods, as the early generation before the birth of Skinheads. The working class youths have something in common with the Punk movement in that they choose anti-establishment traits that are more inclined towards their attitude. Unlike Punk, which seems sloppy, Mods and Skinheads prefer to dress up neatly but still show the characteristic charisma of their own early culture. What distinguishes it may be the principle of Skinhead life which emphasizes unity and togetherness, meaning that it never distinguishes the race, nation or beliefs of its members Skinheads dress style is quite easy to recognize even the layman. Skinhead's style of dress is a mix between the Rude Boys and the mods. Rude Boys is the name for ska music fans from Jamaica who migrated to England. For this reason, in its development, Skinhead's music was heavily influenced by ska music. The closeness between the Skinheads and the Rude Boys emerged when the Skinheads often gathered at the pub after a long day at the factory for drinks and were treated to ska music by the immigrants. The influence of mods is actually quite large in the process of forming the skinhead's dress style. In 1965, in the world of mods, the term smooth mods emerged, which consisted of the upper middle class and also with a more stylish and very expensive dress style. On the other hand, the term hard mods emerged which consisted of laborers whose clothing styles were adapted to their economic circumstances, and even created new clothing models. From the term hard mods, skinheads first appeared, often known as traditional mods (trad) or Trojan skinheads. Not to forget the Parka with the Royal Air Force's British Air Force target emblem which is the identity of the Mods of the early 1960s who used to protect their expensive clothes and suits from the dirt and rain that often fell in England. Skinhead haircuts that are very short and close to bald are chosen for practical reasons because at that time most jobs available did not allow long or long hair. Short haircuts were also chosen as a symbol of resistance to the hippies who were considered luxurious and highly developed at the time. The hippies themselves are a large community of motorcyclists with the characteristics of long hair, beards and fond of taking narcotics. Although it is undeniable that the Mods and Skinheads also some of them consume narcotics such as Valium or known as Purple Hearts and Marijuana. In addition to bald hairstyles, Skinheads can also be identified by their sombrero hats and wearing shirts or collared shirts, usually branded Ben Sherman or Fred Perry. These tops are usually combined with a V-neck sweater or a leather pilot jacket. The pants used were rather tight jeans with suspenders and wore typical Doc's lace-up boots. Martens with eyelets ranging from 12 to 20 holes.